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Made fresh, Nature’s way.

What’s in it & when was it made?


pure premium great-tasting drinking water • ocean sourced and native to San Diego • using solar thermal energy, SolarRain is purified just like Mother Nature makes rain • bottled in biodegradable bottles, SolarRain is made locally and sold fresh on the “neighborhood” shelf.

SolarRain® Ocean is a premium water.

It’s been called smooth & silky, invigorating & vital, pure & healthy.

All waters are not created equal, although many waters do taste the same.  When bottled water companies find that their “plain” purified water isn’t enough, they use enhancements. SolarRain doesn’t need to. SolarRain® Ocean is naturally active, and contains just the right balance of naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, and potassium) for good taste and good health. 

Choose your water wisely . . .

for a healthier body

and a cleaner world.

* production of Solar Rain® Ocean is currently suspended

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Why is hydration important?


the landscape of bottled water is changing

premium drinking water

• straight from a cloud •

See a
 sample water test report and process descriptionSolarRain_water_files/R12188.pdf

Choosing good water is essential –

                        good for you and good for the planet.

Ninety-seven percent of the Earth’s water is ocean water, and there’s plenty of it.

Ocean sourced water gives you a balance of naturally occurring minerals – Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium – and electrolytes, no additives needed. That’s a big health
benefit. Our signature water, SolarRain® Ocean,

gives you a clean, healthy,

great-tasting premium drinking water that is environmentally friendly. 

Let a SolarRain® water be your water of choice.


The natural water cycle –

            we actually put it into practice.

Many bottled waters refer to the natural cycle in one way or another, but we actually employ its principles.

SolarRain® emulates the hydrologic cycle. The process of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, water’s return to the ocean and back to evaporation is nature’s way of filtering out impurities and replenishing the water supply.

We begin with water from local sources. The water first passes through sand filters similar to the natural process of ground water filtering through sediment layers.  It then goes through screen filters on its way to the evaporation tank where it is heated and evaporated using solar thermal energy at temperatures lower than water’s boiling point. The moist air rises as a “cloud” and condenses into purified “rain” in the condensing tank. To insure SolarRain’s purity, the water goes through a carbon filter, 2 sub-micron filters, and a UV filter. As a final step, the water is ozonated before being bottled into pure, great-tasting premium drinking water. * 

Ocean, sun, cloud, SolarRain . . .

just like Mother Nature makes rain.

  1. *Solar Rain® Zero is produced with standard distillation processes.

Solar Rain® Pure uses local municipal sources.


What’s in it & When was it made?

Many bottled water companies are not transparent when it comes to revealing their sources or telling you what’s in their water.

If it weren’t for those date codes with a 2-year window, you wouldn’t know when it was made.

SolarRain® believes you have a right to know what you’re drinking. Our water is harvested locally, vaporized and purified locally, then sold throughout San Diego County. Our date code will tell you that it was made fresh. In fact, enter the date code to the right, and you will discover when it was made and what is actually in it. We have each batch independently tested, then post the results. You will find SolarRain® contains no chemicals, hormones, or medical prescription waste.

free of the bad stuff  •  full of the good stuff


• trace pharmaceuticals free 

• hormone free 

• chlorine free 

• MTBE free 

• fluoride free 

• bisphenol A free 

• chromium 6 free

Check out

your water report.

Find out what’s in your water

and when it was made.


for healthy

people and a happy planet

our bottle

Our bottle design: why square?

Biodegradable & recyclable.

Are all plastic bottles bad?

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The landscape of bottled water is changing!

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Sustainability, doing our part.

Solar-generated thermal energy.

Why is water source important?

for your lifestyle

– take us along

when you:

have a picnic

go to the beach

play a day of golf

go for a bike ride

workout at the gym

work away from the office

spend time at the pool

hang-out in the park

Combining innovation with nature,

SolarRain® offers you balance

Lifestyle and convenience vs being

environmentally conscious?

                       You don’t have to choose.

Choosing SolarRain® lets you live your life without having to choose. SolarRain® waters are clean and pure waters locally available and made with the environment in mind. It’s healthier than San Diego’s tap water which made the EWG’s list of 10 cities with the worst tap water a couple of years ago. No doubt there’s been improvement since then, but as our regular testing reports show, SolarRain® is consistently clean drinking water with a balance of minerals and electrolytes, naturally occurring in ocean sourced water.

Refillables are great, but there are times when they aren’t convenient,

or you’ve run out, or the occasion just calls for something a little more appropriate.

So, when you do buy bottled water, make a SolarRain® water your choice and help make your San Diego community a better place.


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