The landscape of bottled water is changing!

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pure premium great-tasting drinking water • ocean sourced and native to San Diego • using solar thermal energy, SolarRain is purified just like Mother Nature makes rain • bottled in biodegradable bottles, SolarRain is made locally and sold fresh on the “neighborhood” shelf.

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Climate change will likely decrease the [Colorado] river’s flow by 5 to 20 percent in the next 40 years, says geoscientist Brad Udall, director of the University of Colorado Western Water Assessment.

Higher overall air temperatures will mean more water lost to evaporation.

People need a “fundamental, cultural attitude change about water supply in the Southwest,” says Patricia Mulroy, a board member of the Colorado-based Water Research Foundation.

“It’s not abundant, it’s not reliable, it’s not going to always be there.”

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the landscape of bottled water is changing

premium drinking water

• straight from a cloud •

.... for a better San Diego and SoCal community

Working for a more sustainable planet is important.

Challenges to our planet’s natural ability to care for itself are ever-present.

As our urban centers grow, demand for water continues to rise at a time when water resources are becoming less certain. High energy use increases reliance on power plants which are all too often generated with coal.

SolarRain® is helping you make the world a better place by giving you a water you can feel good about drinking. SolarRain® Ocean reduces demand on fresh water resources and conserves energy with the use of

solar-generated thermal energy. 

                 Choose a SolarRain water for

                 a more environmentally friendly bottled water.

Our fresh water resources are becoming

                                                even more scarce.

As San Diegans, we know our supply of fresh water is threatened; alternative water sources are becoming more attractive. The bottled water landscape consists of spring - mineral water, purified - tap water, and in SolarRain®  Ocean, vaporized and purified ocean water.

(but the question is)   Which water is best? Spring water or purified tap water? Well actually, ocean water is best.

Spring water is groundwater, and represents only 1.7% of the earth’s water. It is pumped from groundwater/spring sources that are being depleted at a rate faster than the earth’s aquifers can replenish themselves. Our population, and therefore demand, is increasing, but our fresh water resources are not. Spring water companies are often at odds with municipal authorities who want to protect their resources for the local population instead of allowing these resources to be withdrawn and shipped to far-off places.

Tap water would be best if it were consistently clean and energy-efficient.  Tap water or municipal water, often travels a long way to get to us. It evaporates along the way, is pumped over mountains, and needs to be treated, which includes the addition of chlorine and fluoride. Tap water is partially filtered before it is delivered to you, although it’s not always as clean as one might think. Then there are those 100-year old (and often leaky) pipes through which it travels; this doesn’t help the contamination problem, either.

OK, so what about ocean water? Well, ocean water doesn’t deplete the aquifers and there’s plenty of it. SolarRain® Ocean uses local water (no cross-country transportation), and it’s purified with vapor distillation by using an efficient type of solar thermal energy as its energy source. The system emulates nature’s water cycle of evaporation and condensation, converting salt water to pure fresh water, ready to be bottled and sold locally –  by, for and in support of the San Diego community.

FAQ - ...about 96.5% of the Earth's water is stored in the global oceans. Approximately 1.7% is stored in the polar icecaps, glaciers, and permanent snow, and another 1.7% is stored in groundwater, lakes, rivers, streams, and soil. –NASA

FAQ - Lake Mead loses almost 900,000 acre-feet a year to evaporation. That's enough for 1.8 million homes. It's two times more than what San Diego's urban users consumed in 2010.     – Rob Davis

People need a “fundamental, cultural attitude change about water supply in the Southwest.”

“It’s not abundant, it’s not reliable, it’s not going to always be there.”  – Patricia Mulroy,

Water Research Foundation.

SolarRain® uses renewable energy

Energy generated by fossil fuels is becoming an issue of greater concern. That’s why SolarRain® uses solar-generated thermal energy in its evaporative process. Traditional desalination plants use reverse osmosis, an energy intensive and inefficient process.   Spring waters are pumped out of the ground at boreholes, then bottled and shipped for miles, across the nation and around the world. Purified waters or tap waters are extracted from municipal water reserves, challenging local water supplies.  These reserves are collected from watersheds, pumped for miles, and processed at water treatment plants which draw on traditional fossil fuel energy resources.

                SolarRain uses highly efficient, evacuated solar tube technology to provide over 80% of our energy.

...a renewable energy resource, and a clean energy at that. SolarRain’s tube field is currently the second largest in the US.

Vote with your food dollars and support companies using renewable energy.


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