The landscape of bottled water is changing!

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Made fresh, Nature’s way.

What’s in it & when was it made?


pure premium great-tasting drinking water • ocean sourced and native to San Diego • using solar thermal energy, SolarRain is purified just like Mother Nature makes rain • bottled in biodegradable bottles, SolarRain is made locally and sold fresh on the “neighborhood” shelf.

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Keeping it local is the best way to deliver fresh water. . .

as if it were made in your neighborhood last week

(or maybe even this week), not 2 years ago.

Our water is not shipped across the nation or across the ocean, but distributed locally, thus reducing that carbon footprint of which we’re all becoming more aware.

Our water is made in San Diego County. We support the local economy through employment, the purchase of goods and services, and by paying taxes, which in turn supports our schools and the San Diego commuity.

Join us in keeping it local and supporting San Diego!

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support your local farmer’s markets

SolarRain believes in keeping it local.

premium drinking water

• straight from a cloud •

the landscape of bottled water is changing

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for healthy

people and a happy planet

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Our bottle design: why square?

Biodegradable & recyclable.

Are all plastic bottles bad?

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Sustainability, doing our part.

Solar-generated thermal energy.

Why is water source important?

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After Party for

Opening Day at the Races

L’Auberge Resort, July 20

Gay Pride Parade

July 18

Industry night@ Harneys Sushi

June 14

PB Beach Cleanup

@ Hennessey’s Tavern

June 25

Whole Foods Launch

La Jolla

August 5

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Edible Magazine (pg 32)

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San Diego Fire Dept.

Truck 1538

MTV Award Show

Vision interview with BJ Kjaer
president of SRSolarRain_local_files/Vision%20Magazine%20April%202012%20Feature%20Solar%20Rain%20Water%E2%80%94%20An%20Investment%20in%20Our%20Health%20and%20Our%20Future%20A%20Conversation%20with%20BJ%20Kjaer%20by%20Sydney%20L.%20Murray.pdf