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premium drinking water

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Demonstrating respect:

At SolarRain, we believe that the choices we make effect our health, our world and our children’s future. As a provider of premium drinking water, SolarRain offers an eco-friendly alternative in the current marketplace. Built on sustainable principles, we promote the respect of the human right to clean water through conservation and efficient use of nature’s resources. By purifying our water and selling only locally, we support and invest in our local community as well as conserve local resources and reduce the local environmental impact.

Because we believe in living more thoughtfully, we work to educate and empower our local community to lead a more informed, healthier and sustainable lifestyle…

one step at a time.


for healthy people and a happy planet.


our manifesto

we believe

in living more thoughtfully....

because the choices we make effect our health, our world, and our children’s future.

we believe

our relationship to water is one of stewardship....

which is why we believe in partnering with organizations in our local San Diego community to conserve, restore, and reserve our water resources.

we believe

in getting in tune with your body and the world around you....

because hydration is important for a healthy body and respectfulness and balance are important for a healthy world.

we believe

as consumers demand cleaner water and cleaner energy, the paradigm will start to shift....

to making less toxic and more natural products. Consumers have a responsibility to educate themselves on the effects of what they buy and to care. We do and we stand behind our water, doing what we can to search out a better way to consider the needs of the market and our world.

we believe

that “local” is important....

because support of local business helps the local economy, which in turn supports local education and services. In addition, keeping it local reduces the carbon footprint of long-distance shipping. Use your buying power to empower and strengthen our local community.

our water 

Made fresh, Nature’s way.

What’s in it & when was it made?


our bottle

Our bottle design: why square?

Biodegradable & recyclable.

Are all plastic bottles bad?

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Sustainability, doing our part.

Solar-generated thermal energy.

Why is water source important?

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