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premium drinking water

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SolarRain – pure, premium drinking water,

for healthy people & a happy planet.

Beginning in 2006, an organic farmer, a solar energy expert, a chemist and an engineer embarked on the development of a eco-friendly water purification process that would give the local community a pure, premium drinking water that was healthy for both people and the planet.  In 2011, SolarRain was born. By combining innovation with nature, SolarRain® Ocean begins with ocean water, a local and plentiful source, and uses solar thermal energy, a clean and renewable energy, to purify its water just like Mother Nature makes rain, straight from a cloud.  Bottled in 100% biodegradable & recyclable PET1 bottles, SolarRain is produced daily and sold fresh locally on the “neighborhood” shelf in San Diego and Southern California whose economies and communities it supports.


our water 

Made fresh, Nature’s way.

What’s in it & when was it made?


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Our bottle design: why square?

Biodegradable & recyclable.

Are all plastic bottles bad?

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Sustainability, doing our part.

Solar-generated thermal energy.

Why is water source important?

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